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All Texas
I loved the swing feel of this professional cut. Leads voice is just super clear tenor. Loved the immaculate guitar work and the up front production values. Just great bass, slide guitar and fiddle. Ths ones a winner and ready for radio right now.

Sonora, California

All Texas
Vocal, nice tone, good inflection. Lyrics, well, in this theme - wonderful! By that I mean, if one enjoys this type of song, you'll dig these lyrics! "All Texas" well, the lyrics speak your thoughts very clearly, good job! Arrangement, My oh my! Bob Wills himself would be proud! Nuff said, - 2 "All Calif." flip-flops up to this cool ditty! Very good work! A little bit of Swing always sounds good!

N. Coast, California

He's All Texas
I like this song if Hank Williams Snr sang a Lyle Lovett song this is what we could get.
I liked all the arrangment.
Keep Up The Good Work.

Sir Matt Buzzley
Vedrafjord, Irish Republic

All Texas
A nice bright upbeat texas swing song with great vocals, good lyrics and a hot arrangement. This band is really tight great use of instrumentation. Very uplifting.

David Delle-Vergin
Bacchus Marsh, Victoria

Here are a few reviews of Ricks track 'Queen Of My Rodeo'...

Aaah Haaah!
Great Texas swing. "Two scootin' tooters"...? Loved the instrumentation, good pickin', fiddlin' and tasty piano ride. Lighthearted, happy sounding lyrics and the singer sells them with the smile in his voice. Nice job. I think I'll listen again!

Clay Rigdon
Nashville, Tennessee

Vocals are very believable..good old time country swing-ish sound. Good lyrics make the song interesting. I really like the instrumental breakdown.. I'll bet this would be fun to see performed live. So... the arrangement is good with good instrumentation.. the melody is very interesting. Thanks, I enjoyed listening!

Jim Lancaster
Valparaiso, Florida

Old Time Country
Wow! This is an old timer - and tight, tight, tight!
Band requested comments on lead vocals, melody, and arrangement.
Lead vocals have a cowboy charm - really a good old fashioned sound.
Melody line is great! Love that pedal steel! Vocals carry a nice tune too! Happy words - Queen of my Rodeo - take it to the house, Brother!
Arrangement - super pro - love that bass pumpin' out the fifths and the country piano and fiddle. The jam out at the 2 minute mark is too slick for words.
Buster, you are too cool for GB!!!!GO GET 'EM!!!!

Andrew Kowal 
Southampton, Massachusetts

Aww yeah.....
Texas swing at its best....Asleep at the wheel meets bob wills and willie nelson....i dig it man, yeah......cool sound

Johnny Scott
Charlotte, North Carolina

Ok, I Know this artist knows this but if Hank Williams Sr. And George Straight had a kid (glad they didn't..would mean one was a woman) then they would have this song.
This is a chipper little tune, even got a little ragtime influence in there along with the old time fiddles.
A real engaging Texas flavored shuffle/swing.

Chicago, Illinois
Pete Berwick

Vocals, piano and lyrics are good. The song has a very good melody to it. The song has good arrangement and rythming. This song would be a good song to dance to.

Salinas, California

Take it away...........
The neo Bob Wills works for me. The twin guitars are authentic and wonderful. This song should be on the radio.

David Dean White
Branson, Missouri

Twang Time
Definitely not going to be a hit in Nashville and that is a GREAT compliment! I love it, kind of Ridley Bent and Texas swing mixed together. I love the steel guitar, now thats real country. Could 2step to and have a great old time. Piano solo! Now you dont find that in rock n roll.

Alberta, Canada

Nice hook right off the bat, great production with a good mix. Lot's going on here with several different instruments and they blend together well. Lead vocal was actually pretty good and it grew on me the more I listened, great vocal phrasing and lyrics. Chorus was nice, good and catchy. Very well performed and executed, good tune.

Brent Witthuhn
Webb City, Missouri

swing country..he has a nice voice..the melody is nice for the older country style..arrangement works well for the song ..interesting lyrics and they flow well ..i like the piano/fiddle/guitar solo !

Heather Cowles
Columbus, Georgia

Finger Snapping Western Swing
This song definitely sounds like Asleep at the Wheel. The instrumentation is great, the production is excellent. It really makes you want to snap your fingers. Great western swing groove. Everything comes together perfectly - the lead vocals,the melody, the arrangement. Send this song out right now to all of the country radio stations in Europe, then the indie country stations in the U.S.

Kathy Nichols of My Brave Love
Dallas, Texas

Let's see..hmmm..fiddle, steel, honky tonk piano, gretch guitar (even twins). These guys are following you all the way to the dance, aren't they? One good hook deserves another, huh? I haven't heard this kinda' music since i was sitting in my first honky-tonk listening to an ol' guy playing a gretch. He's dead now but...thanx. All the instruments blended very well together. It sounded like when he sang certain words or phrases, just the right instrument was picked to compliment it! The singer was having a great time singing this song. It made me feel great.

David Jost
Evansville, Indiana

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